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SINCE 1925

About Us

Christians Sheet Metal was founded in 1925 by Uban Christians. The company mainly did specialty manufacturing and residential heating systems. After World War II, the company shifted direction into the commercial and industrial field. At this time, James Christians, son of the founder of the company, took over operations.

In 1972, Einer Dahl purchased the company and renamed it Christians Corporation. Mr. Dahl already had a large HVAC company in Van Meter, Iowa and wanted to expand into Northwest Iowa.

In 1988, Bruce Nystrom purchased the company and renamed it Christians Sheet Metal Works. Bruce steered the company into large commercial projects and the company's volume has grown at a steady rate ever since.

In 1996, long time employees Tony Sholly and Jack Slaymaker purchased the company and renamed it Christians Sheet Metal HVAC, Inc. The company has enjoyed much success and moved next door to a larger building in 2001. In 2009 Jack Slaymaker retired and Tony Sholly became the sole owner. Christians now has a residential plumbing team as well as HVAC crews serving Northwest Iowa.

In January of 2017 Tony sholly sold the business to fellow employees Todd Doyle, Jay Edington and Brent Bern. Christians will continue to service Northwest Iowa in commercial HVAC, residential HVAC, and residential plumbing. The company has now expanded into custom sheet metal fabrication. The new owners will also continue to uphold the same quality and ethics as it has in the past.

We have maintained a high quality of craftsmanship for over 90 years and will continue to serve Spencer and the surrounding communities in the same superior fashion for many more.

Custom Projects

We have built many one of a kind items in the past. Here are a few you might recognize from the surrounding communities.

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